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What is a startup?

www. web sites

A time when you need to work

not 12 hours

and head!

rapid progress

leading Paige




22 search engines

1,500 keywords

selection country/cities

real/live visit


Automated service to promote startups

without intermediaries

and overpayments!

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we work without dealers


​​1.Configuring search engines

Promotion and advancement on 22 search engines. The priority of a search engine ( or any other) As well as direct transitions from the url

2. Search keywords on the Internet

The ability to prescribe up to 1,500 keywords which client will find Your site/page

3. The sources of visits

For your site you can specify the region of promotion, (Country, oblast or city) which will be the navigation of visits from search engines (yandex, etc) And the category of site or page.

4. Additional settings

To register for the remainder if the site at night, the number of visits per hour, and the interval between visits

default are the most advanced and optimal settings